Ursula Wesselingh Room To Bloom


My name is Ursula. I’m an interior designer and I love creating beautiful children’s spaces. As a child I loved changing and beautifying my room, so it’s not a huge surprise that I ended up working as an interior designer. With Room to Bloom I aim to share my inspiration and offer interior design services exclusively for children.

Whilst working for an architectural practice some years ago, I was asked to design a child’s bedroom as part of a refurbishment. I noticed how much I enjoyed working on the room, but also noticed how difficult it was to find stylish kids room decor that wasn’t twee or emblazoned with cartoon characters. I became hooked on finding the hippest kid’s stuff far and wide, and I’ve never stopped since.

The experience formed the seeds for Room to Bloom. When I set up my own a practice a few years down the line, I decided to specialise in children’s interiors. I believe that every child deserves the most beautiful room in the house – this is after all where so many childhood memories are made. With the arrival of children in your family, style doesn’t have to go out of the window – and certainly doesn’t have to stop at your child’s bedroom door.

I love sharing my ideas, finds and inspiration through my Room to Bloom blog. If you have time to visit once in a while, it would be great to meet you there!