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scandinavian kids room: by nord


If you (like me) love Scandinavian style, you’ll find it hard to resist this children’s bedding from Danish homeware designers by nord. Inspired by nature, their range of  bedlinen features woodland animals in black and white photo prints which give an instant contemporary edge to kids rooms. Combined with cool and calm flooring and walls, it’s the perfect background for children’s colourful possessions.


The kids bedding collection includes a bear, deer, wolf and squirrel design. New to the range is this adorable baby bedding featuring a baby deer and hedgehog. The duvet covers are made from high quality 100 per cent cotton and no noxious chemicals were used in the manufacture. You can buy them here in the UK.

(images: kjerstislykke, by nord)

bringing the outside in


Longing for summer, I’m bringing the outside in today. If you have enough space, you could set up a wooden playhouse in the playroom. Alternatively a teepee or play tent will provide hours of fun or a quiet nook to hide.

(images: 1. floral lamp  2. summer garden bunting  3. nurseryworks tree bookshelf  4. wooden swing  5. raccoon wall sticker  6. wooden playhouse  7. my first ever flower garden  8. dotty bird hook  9. crochet woodpecker  10. kids wheelbarrow  11. strawberry wall sticker  12. dragonfly  13. rainy day garden)

carl larsson: swedish style

mammas and the little girls room carl larsson

I grew up with prints of paintings by the Swedish artist Carl Larsson, and in my child’s mind I somehow imagined that this one above was a painting of me and my sisters. There’s me, the eldest – blond – with my middle sister – dark haired – and my little sister – blond again.  

Carl Larsson (1853 – 1919) is best known for the paintings of his home Lilla Hyttnäs and his loved ones – Karin Larsson and their eight children. What I love about them is how they show snapshots of the rhythms of daily life, with toys and clothes strewn on floors, and children in the middle of play. There’s open windows, wind in the curtains, flowers inside and outside, a meal in mid preparation… I can gaze at them forever and discover new details every time. 

photo bedroom lilla hyttnas larsson

The home’s interiors, with strong reds and greens, were designed by Larsson’s wife Karin, who was an artist in her own right. She designed much of the wooden furniture herself, as well as the fabrics, rugs, hangings, and the children’s clothes. Now a museum, you can still visit the family house, which remains largely unchanged (see above).

larsson inspired kids room shortcut to mushrooms

 Here’s an image of a little girl’s Larsson inspired bedroom I found. I love that timber panelling on the wall!

And here’s a little board I’ve done with Larsson inspired kid’s decor:

 carl larsson inspired kids bedroom

1. rocket and bear blankets  2. laurette armoire parisienne  3. rockid  4. kritter table  5. brunte horse  6. jeans duvet cover  7. check pillow case  8. vertbaudet summer bloom sheet  9. hemnes linen cabinet  10. stek children’s chair

If you would like to see more of Larsson’s work, have a look here.


lulu cradle

16 April, 2012 in children's design & decor, news


I’m in love with these photos of the Lulu Cradle and Mokuba rocking horse from Danish design company Brdr. Krüger. Don’t you just love the colours?


In 1963, the Lulu Cradle was designed by prominent Danish designer Nanna Ditzel, and became a highly collectible example of modern Danish craftsmanship. All of Ditzel’s grandchildren slept in a Lulu Cradle, passing one cradle back and forth between family members over the years.

As part of the celebration of the 125th anniversary of Brdr. Krüger, the Lulu Cradle will be reproduced in a limited numbered edition of 200 pieces, in close cooperation with Nanna’s first daughter, Dennie. 

mokuba-rocking-horse- O&M-design-kruger

Mokuba is the Japanese word for “rocking horse”, and the Japanese/Danish design duo O&M Design created this wooden playmate. In honor of their 125th anniversary, Brdr. Krüger will be producing Mokuba for the first time, also in a limited numbered edition of 200.

For enquiries contact Brdr Kruger directly. Thank you Toni at Skandivis for tipping me off!

Have a lovely week everyone!

x Ursula

things i love: neon letters

I’ve had a weak spot for neon letters for a long time (don’t gasp!) – I think they’re great to personalise kid’s spaces. To have them made is pretty expensive, but there is a more affordable alternative with these cool looking typewriter inspired letters from Seletti.


You can buy any number of individual letters to make up your child’s name (or any other word), click them together and attach them to the wall. Some outlets also sell pre-set words such as i ♥ you above. 

The black connecting wires and transformers look best against a dark background. They’d look ultra stylish against a blackboard wall, don’t you think? Find them at SCP or The Letterroom.

(images: seletti, onszelf, homedit, room to bloom)

inke wallpaper dinosaurs

12 April, 2012 in children's design & decor


New from Dutch designer Inke Heiland: retro wallpaper dinosaurs. Available in a wide range of vintage patterns, could this be the happy compromise for mums with dinosaur loving kids?

(images: inke x room to bloom)

my room: merel

11 April, 2012 in my room


This pretty girls bedroom belongs to Merel who is four and a half years old. She lives with her family in Amsterdam in the Netherlands. Merel’s room was decorated by her mum Iris, who is an interior stylist and blogger over at Visje bij de thee (‘tea & a little fish’). Let’s find out a bit more about Merel … 

♥ What is your favourite food? Spaghetti with red sauce.

♥ What do you love doing? Crafting and making, singing and dancing. I like cutting out my drawings and glueing them onto other things.

♥ What is your favourite colour? Pink

♥ What is your favourite animal? Rabbit

♥ Your favourite book? My fairytale book and Mannetje jas (about a man who lives inside his coat to keep warm until one day he finds love which keeps him warm instead).

♥ What do you want to be when you grow up?  A teacher, dancer, mummy, work in a hospital or shop – it changes every day!

♥ What is your favourite thing in your room? My flower wallpaper and my favourite cuddly toy. 

♥ What do you love most about your room? That it is a flower room.

♥ What do you love doing in your room? Playing with my barbies and soft toys without interruption from my little brother.

♥ What is your favourite duvet cover? My pink cover with white roses.

♥ What are your favourite pyjamas? My short sleeved nightie with pink flowers.

Thank you Merel, it was really nice to meet you!


 If you’d like to find out more about Merel’s mum Iris, pop over to her blog for visje-bij-de-thee-style interiors inspiration. Iris is in the process of setting up an online shop to start selling the interior accessories and lifestyle products that she loves, so stay tuned. 

(images: jeltje janmaat for vt wonen, styling by iris rietbergen)

zoe & drew: 10 ideas to transition your nursery to a toddler room

10 April, 2012 in kids room design


Today I’m really happy to be guest blogging over at fab family lifestyle blog Zoe & Drew with tips & inspiration on one of the topics I get asked about most often – ideas to transition your baby’s nursery to a toddler room.

Husband and wife team Zoe and Drew (and daughter Lucy on occasion : ) provide daily tips and information about kid’s style and design, family travel and outings, things to do and make, and much much more. Parents to five, I honestly don’t know how they do it – but they do it well!

Come and say hi over at Zoe & Drew – we’d love to hear your tips on turning your baby’s room into a toddler room!

Ursula x

(image: zoe & drew x room to bloom)

happy easter

8 April, 2012 in children's design & decor


happy-easter-from-room-to-bloom(image: room to bloom  1. white rabbit lamp   2. rabbit lamp   3. baby lapin lamp   4. bunnies with a tweet by trish grantham)

sania pell: the homemade home for children

A little while ago I received my copy of the long awaited The Homemade Home for Children by stylist, designer and author Sania Pell. Long awaited, because I pre-ordered it last year when I discovered Sania’s amazing blog At Home, and the book wasn’t published officially until last Thursday – but boy, was it worth the wait! I’m really excited to be able to show you some of the loveliness that’s inside.

the homemade home for children by sania pell

Besides being absolutely gorgeous to look at,  Sania’s book is full of entirely do-able creative ideas for crafty projects that you can make for or with your children. The book is aimed at creative parents mainly, but also at family and friends of people with children, as many of the ideas would make super sweet, personal gifts.

bookcase dollhouse from the homemade home for children

This is perhaps what I liked most about the book and Sania’s approach. Her homemade projects really do come from the heart and many of the objects have the potential to become treasured heirlooms, or at least much-loved possessions that will grow with your child through the years. It’s easy to imagine how much love you’ll pour into each and every one of these handmade projects, or how much fun you will have with your child making something together.

My favourite project is perhaps the bookcase dollhouse (pictured above) – though it’s hard to pick just one! I have a soft spot for dollhouses – as my website shows – and I adore the colours and simple beauty of this one. My parents made me and my sisters a dollhouse when we were little, and though it sadly hasn’t survived, some of the handmade furniture and quilts that furnished the place are still with us! I find it amazing to think how they must have crafted away in secret night after night after we’d gone to bed to build us the house and all that was in it. But I digress…

Vintage card garland from The Handmade Home for Children

The Homemade Home for Children includes projects for different skill levels and covers things to make for your baby’s nursery, child’s bedroom or playroom, as well as things to wear and things to use outside. There are easy to follow instructions with each project, which you can follow step-by-step or use as a starting point for your own creativity. This is something I really liked about the book as well – Sania encourages you along the way with tips and ideas on how to make the project even more your own.

the homemade home for children by sania pell

I know a ton of people I want to give this book to already, so before I buy all available copies, you can order your copy at Amazon now. I’m absolutely sure it will give you so much pleasure every time you work on one of Sania’s ideas and connect with your loved ones – or feel inspired to work on your own. Happy making!

the homemade home sania pell building blocks

 PS. If you haven’t visited Sania’s blog At Home before, go take a look. You’ll find lots of inspirational ideas for your home and gorgeous colour inspiration. You can also read more about the inspiration behind Sania’s work and her love of flowers over at the fabulous Flowerona blog.

(images: room to bloom)

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