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cottage town mini tree houses

cottage town mini tree houses ontwerpduo

These mini tree houses by Dutch designers Ontwerpduo make plants look like giant forests! Rosie’s houseJasmin’s houseOlive’s house and Lily’s house together form Cottage Town, a group of tiny paper constructions that can withstand a shower from the watering can. Ontwerpduo’s designs are often inspired by a child’s perspective. Cottage Town harks back to designer Tineke Beunders’ childhood memories of using houseplants as trees for her barbies. Love it!

(image: photography by lisa klappe)

monochrome kids room: zara home

monochrome children's room zara kids home

Monochrome kids’ rooms are hot news at the moment, and whilst looking for some white accessories I found a lot of sweet things at Zara Home Kids. There’s a sale on right now, which includes some lovely star themed kid’s bedding (duvet set & blanket) and cloud wallpaper that didn’t quite fit in with the monochrome theme. Call to see if your store has items in stock before heading out, or otherwise order them in. And no – this is not a sponsored post!

image: room to bloom 1. numbers cupboard knobs  2. blackboard house desk  3. plant fibre kid’s chair 4. bentwood children’s chair  5. dinosaur light  6. white cot on castors  7. tree trunk kids’ chair  8. baby clothes hangers  9.white storage crates  10. cut-out paper lampshade

nursery art raccoon print

little hands raccoon print grey sebra kili cotI recently used this adorable raccoon in pyjamas art print to decorate a nursery (photos this summer!). The print is by Little Hands in Portugal, a company led by illustrators Marta Belo and Leonor Feijó, who specialise in whimsical children’s art prints and wallpaper murals. The prints are available in A3 and custom sizes, and the wallpaper murals can be made to fit your wall. Cute or what?

(image: room to bloom collage with 1. grey sebra kili cot  2. ferm living harlequin wallpaper 3. litte hands raccoon in pyjamas print)

my room: della

black and white monochrome girls bedroomThis monochrome girl’s bedroom belongs to Della who is 1.5 years old. She lives with her brother Wilton, mum Sandra and dad Marcus in Sweden.

Della’s room was designed by her mum Sandra, who has a background in interior design and together with Marcus forms the creative duo MiniWilla. They design the playful graphic posters that you can see in Della’s room, and many more. Originally created to decorate their family home, the couple decided to open a shop after requests for the posters poured in from family and friends!

Sandra’s motto for kid’s room design is to have fun, above all. 

room to bloom rabbit

Let’s find out a bit more about Della now …

♥ What is your favourite food? I love eating and like to try everything!

♥ What are you into right now? Playing with my brother’s lego.

♥ What is your favourite colour? I don’t have a favourite colour yet, but I like black and blue.

♥ What is your favourite animal? Cats and dogs.

♥ Your favourite book? I love tearing up my mum’s magazines.

♥ What do you like best in your room? My teepee.

Thank you Della, it was great to meet you!

(images: miniwilla)

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