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nursery refurbishment: behind the scenes

26 March, 2014 in baby room, before & after

nursery design in progress 1No pretty pictures today I’m afraid. Instead I thought I’d show you a peek behind the scenes of a nursery refurbishment I’m currently working on. In fact, I could have called this post “behind the walls, under the floor and in the ceiling”.

We’ve arrived halfway: from a tired old room to a fresh canvas, ready to be furnished and styled. This is my favourite stage of any project. What’s been in my head, on mood boards and drawings, now starts coming to life for my clients too.

It’s easy to forget how much work goes into getting to this point though…

nursery design in progress On this particular project, the floor boards were too damaged to be refurbished (my original plan), so a new floor had to be laid. The floor voids were emptied of old builder’s rubble and redundant pipework, then insulated to get rid of cold drafts. The ceiling had been patched up after numerous leaks, it was cracked, sagging and held together with wallpaper, so this needed to be replaced. There was odd boxed out pipework on the walls and inside the fitted cupboards, out-of-date electrics, out-of-character cornicing and a broken hearth. Oh, and did I mention damp from a crumbling chimney, exposed exterior brickwork and a rotting window?

nursery refurbishment in progressOn the upside, there was some sweet period detail to work with, such as the fireplace and fitted cupboards. I discovered a patch of seventies floral wallpaper high up in one of them, which we lacquered to preserve. 

nursery ready for furnishingNow to work on the interior decoration. I can’t wait to show you the finished project soon! x

(images: room to bloom)

how to find nursery inspiration

17 September, 2013 in baby room, room inspiration

vintage nursery decor inspiration

Today I am guest posting over on My Baba about one of the ways to find inspiration for your baby’s nursery. See you there!


(image: room to bloom)

kate & william’s royal nursery

kate and william's royal nursery The biggest baby news over the last 8 months has of course been that of Kate and William. I’ve been asked a lot “how I would design the royal nursery?” Unfortunately Kate herself hasn’t asked though – I’m sure she must have misplaced my business card. ;)

The Little Style Book (über-stylish resource for mother & child) also asked me to put my ideas forward for the young prince or princess’ room on their blog. I decided to have a play, et voilà, my board was born.

The inspiration came from a wonderful photograph taken by Cecil Beaton of Queen (then Princess) Elizabeth and her first son Prince Charles as a baby. She stands admiringly over his cot against the backdrop of a painted landscape. For more background and sourcing information for the items above, hop on over to The Little Style Book.


(images: room to bloom, cecil beaton)

new rooms coming soon

1 July, 2013 in baby room, news

Last week I spent a great day with interiors photographer Brett Charles, to capture some of the rooms I have completed over the last year. I met Brett on a shoot for GoodHomes, when he photographed the home of a client of mine, including Rosie’s nursery below. He has a great eye and is brilliant to work with. Watch this space for new rooms soon!

Rosie's green nursery Rosie's green nursery 2 Rosie's green nursery 3 Rosie's green nursery 4


(images: brett charles photography)

pale & interesting: wallpaper for a white nursery

14 May, 2013 in baby room, children's decor

wallpaper for a white nursery

All-white nurseries are as popular as ever and look even more stunning with the merest hint of colour. Introducing a feature wall is the perfect way to do this. I’ve listed some of my favourite wallpapers over on The Baba Blog - now all you have to do is choose!

trend: modern nostalgia in french nursery interiors

28 February, 2013 in baby room, guest posts, room inspiration

modern french nursery interiors

Love French nursery design as much as I do? Then hop on over to The Baba Blog where I’m showing you how to create this soft, nostalgic look and where to shop for it.

(images: atelier charivari, decopeques, laurette, the boo and the boy)

xo in my room: candy circus cot in grey

26 February, 2013 in baby room, kids room design

xo-in my room candy circus cot in grey

Mwah! I love xo-in my room‘s new candy circus cot in grey. But boy do I love their styling too.

Remember my mantra for nursery design – keep it simple? This image exemplifies what I mean by that. Of course this is a not real nursery, but you can keep your palette reduced – white with a whisper of grey, natural flooring – and let a feature wall or accent mural behind the cot take centre stage.

I love the combination of wallpaper patterns – artfully mismatched but unified by grey, and the contrast between pretty, delicate vintage florals and the unfussy, slightly raw look and feel of the cot.  Well done Carina!


(image: xo-in my room)

what colour is best for a baby room?

16 January, 2013 in baby room, guest posts, room inspiration

baby room colour ideas

I’m guest blogging again over at The Baba Blog with some tips and advice on colour for your baby’s room.

As you know I’m all for venturing away from the more traditional, gender specific choices of pastel pink for girls and baby blue for boys. But hang on – do I spy a blue and pink theme in the collage above? Find out more on The Baba Blog.

x Ursula

(images: kml design, stokke, helmen talossa, la redoute, oeuf)

nursery art: flower constructions

30 November, 2012 in art, baby room

nursery art: flower constructions

I’m all for nurseries being a place that you love to spend time in. As long the room is practical, easy to use and enables your little one to enjoy lots of restorative sleep, how you decorate it is really about what makes you happy.

These beautiful works of art called Flower Constructions by Dutch artist Anne ten Donkelaar do it for me. I think they’d make a stunning focal point and I would love to create a nursery around them. White walls, white painted floorboards, and a hint of delicate watered down colour. A simple cot, a pretty wardrobe, some drawers and a blond bentwood rocker.

flower constructions anne ten donkelaarFlower constructions are 3D collages made from pressed flowers and cut out flower pictures. Each element is meticulously placed on pins which creates the depth and a delicate play of shadows. You can see more of Anne’s creations on here.

(images: anne ten donkelaar)

8 steps to designing your dream nursery – part 3

26 November, 2012 in baby room, guest posts

yellow nursery inspiration

I received a lovely message over the weekend from Lisa Green of Little Pea Green. She named Room to Bloom in her list of favourite baby, interiors and lifestyle blogs, all of which are well worth checking out if you haven’t come across them yet (). It’s so nice to hear people find inspiration on this blog, so thank you Lisa for brightening my Sunday : )

I hope the concluding part of my Eight Steps to Designing Your Dream Nursery will give some of you ideas and inspiration for your baby’s room. It’s ready now on Lisa Barnwell’s blog, with tips on seating, storage and the finishing touches. Let me know if in the future you’d like me to cover any aspects of nursery design in more detail, and I’ll do my best.

Happy Monday!

x Ursula

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