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to theme or not to theme

6 January, 2014 in guest posts, kids room design

themed kids room nursery

To theme or not to theme, that is the question. For hints and tips on how to theme a kid’s bedroom or nursery, take a look at my guest post on the My Baba blog.


kate & william’s royal nursery

kate and william's royal nursery The biggest baby news over the last 8 months has of course been that of Kate and William. I’ve been asked a lot “how I would design the royal nursery?” Unfortunately Kate herself hasn’t asked though – I’m sure she must have misplaced my business card. ;)

The Little Style Book (über-stylish resource for mother & child) also asked me to put my ideas forward for the young prince or princess’ room on their blog. I decided to have a play, et voilà, my board was born.

The inspiration came from a wonderful photograph taken by Cecil Beaton of Queen (then Princess) Elizabeth and her first son Prince Charles as a baby. She stands admiringly over his cot against the backdrop of a painted landscape. For more background and sourcing information for the items above, hop on over to The Little Style Book.


(images: room to bloom, cecil beaton)

child safety week: blinds in kids’ rooms

25 June, 2013 in guest posts, kids room design, news

white kids room natural with wooden floors

This week is Child Safety Week, the Child Accident Prevention Trust’s annual community education campaign to raise awareness of serious childhood accidents and how to prevent them.

Every year babies and young children come to harm in the UK because of unrestrained blind chains and cords. To raise awareness about the risk of injury, I’ve teamed up with Interior Goods Direct, a company that specialises in window coverings. They are giving away four types of simple child safety devices which can be fitted on your window frame to keep blind cords and chains safely out of children’s reach. To request your free child safety device, click here.

Keep in mind when designing your child’s nursery or bedroom not to place the cot or bed in reach of cords near a window and keep cords as short as possible and away from the floor. After you’ve used the cord or chain, secure it with a blind safety device.

child safety campaign

(photo: heidi lerkenfeldt)

seven tips to create a stylish room for your child

26 April, 2013 in guest posts, kids room design

seven tips to create a stylish kids room

I’ve been very busy working on some lovely projects these past few weeks, so I haven’t been posting as often as I’d like. I did find some time however to write a piece with kids room design tips for my friend Alex over at Eden Private Staff. Hop on over if you’d like to read seven tips to create a stylish room for your child.

PS.: Spot a trend in the images above? Green is hot news again for kids rooms – one of my favourite colours for nurseries and children’s rooms, and so right for the spring weather we’ve been having of late!

(images: Skeppsholmen, Room Seven, Smam, Flexa)

trend: modern nostalgia in french nursery interiors

28 February, 2013 in baby room, guest posts, room inspiration

modern french nursery interiors

Love French nursery design as much as I do? Then hop on over to The Baba Blog where I’m showing you how to create this soft, nostalgic look and where to shop for it.

(images: atelier charivari, decopeques, laurette, the boo and the boy)

what colour is best for a baby room?

16 January, 2013 in baby room, guest posts, room inspiration

baby room colour ideas

I’m guest blogging again over at The Baba Blog with some tips and advice on colour for your baby’s room.

As you know I’m all for venturing away from the more traditional, gender specific choices of pastel pink for girls and baby blue for boys. But hang on – do I spy a blue and pink theme in the collage above? Find out more on The Baba Blog.

x Ursula

(images: kml design, stokke, helmen talossa, la redoute, oeuf)

8 steps to designing your dream nursery – part 3

26 November, 2012 in baby room, guest posts

yellow nursery inspiration

I received a lovely message over the weekend from Lisa Green of Little Pea Green. She named Room to Bloom in her list of favourite baby, interiors and lifestyle blogs, all of which are well worth checking out if you haven’t come across them yet (). It’s so nice to hear people find inspiration on this blog, so thank you Lisa for brightening my Sunday : )

I hope the concluding part of my Eight Steps to Designing Your Dream Nursery will give some of you ideas and inspiration for your baby’s room. It’s ready now on Lisa Barnwell’s blog, with tips on seating, storage and the finishing touches. Let me know if in the future you’d like me to cover any aspects of nursery design in more detail, and I’ll do my best.

Happy Monday!

x Ursula

8 steps to designing your dream nursery – part 2

19 November, 2012 in baby room, guest posts

designing-a-nursery Happy Monday everyone – where did last week go?! Mine was filled with work on a shared room for two girls, a little girl’s nursery and bits an bobs on two other projects. I’m looking forward to more of that this week – what are your plans?

I’m kicking off the week with some nice nursery images to inspire you and part two of my Eight Steps to Designing Your Dream Nursery over on Lisa Barnwell’s blog. Come and say hello if you have a minute : )

x Ursula

(images: The Socialite Family, VT Wonen, Line + LivKjerstis Lykke)

8 steps to designing your dream nursery – part 1

12 November, 2012 in baby room, guest posts

modern nursery design

Happy Monday everyone! Today I’m starting a 3-part series on how to design your dream nursery over on Lisa Barnwell’s blog.

Founder of Lisa Barnwell Pregnancy & Early Postnatal Care, Lisa offers her signature treatments to expecting and new mums in the comfort of their home with her bespoke At Home range of pregnancy and postnatal massage and reflexology treatments. She is also the exclusive provider of complementary therapies to The Kensington Wing, the private maternity unit at London’s Chelsea & Westminster Hospital.

For tips and advice on anything pregnancy related, health or otherwise, hop over to Lisa’s blog, where today you’ll find the first part of my Eight Steps to Designing Your Dream Nursery. See you there!

x Ursula

(images: Sissy + Marley, Smallable, Design Sponge, Line + Liv)

dress my room

13 July, 2012 in guest posts, room inspiration

dress my room kids room at paul and paula blog

Today I’m guest blogging over at international kids design and lifestyle blog Paul & Paula. Lots of readers check in to find children’s fashion inspiration there, so I thought it would be fun to pick an outfit and let it inspire me to create a design board for a kids room.

Here is a sneak peak, but for the full room, sources and how you can find room inspiration in your little one’s wardrobe, fix yourself a drink and hop on over to Paul & Paula.

1. little troll sketch dress   2. mini moderns alice wallpaper, full room and details over on the Paul & Paula blog!

(image: room to bloom)

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