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my childhood bedroom: fadila

27 August, 2013 in my childhood bedroom

my childhood bedroom fadila-roses

This is Fadila‘s childhood bedroom in the early 90s. Nowadays she works a self-employed Marketing and Market Research Consultant and has been writing a successful blog for five years about what inspires her as a mum on Un blog, Une Mamanand occasionally on Petites Inspirations about kids fashion and design. She lives in Casablanca, Morocco where she moved a year ago.


I asked Fadila to share some childhood memories:

♥ Can you tell us a bit about this photo? This is a picture of my teen bedroom (taken in 1990 or 1991). You can see me in the picture, I think I was fifteen! I always shared my room with my little sister. When we were kids, we first had a big bed in which we slept together (Minnie the cat always woke us up in the morning), then we had bunk beds until we moved to a new apartment in a new country. There we had the 2 separate beds you can see in the picture.

The secretaire [desk] is part of my childhood and teen bedroom décor. My mother still has it as I asked her to keep it for me. I don’t have a place for it in my new home but I will definitely take it back, one day …

♥ What kind of things did you do in your room? When I was young(er), I loved to read and write: I read everything that came my way and loved to write poems and little stories. I would sit down at my “secretaire” given to me by my mother and write endlessly. I also had penpals in different countries and would sit down for hours to read their letters and write back.

♥ What did you like most about your room? I definitely loved my secretaire. I would keep my secret diary hidden in its drawers and later, my love letters from my first love.

I also loved the light in my room, the bed sheets in satin, so cheesy nowadays but so romantic when I was fifteen. I liked the smell of the authentic sheep rug, sourced from my mother’s village; the black & white picture of the port of Amsterdam, where my father used to work; the flamenco dancers on top of my closet bought during a trip in Spain; and of course my Kylie Minogue poster (I used to love her duet with Jason Donovan !!!)


Thank you Fadila!

Do you have photos and want to share memories of your old bedroom? I’d love to hear from you so get in touch!

(photo: fadila & a bit of room to bloom)


my room: ester

15 March, 2013 in my childhood bedroom

baby room ester de oude speelkamer 1

baby room ester de oude speelkamer 2

This is Ester’s bedroom when she was a baby. Today Ester is mum to Bregje (4) and Joep (2) and owner of De Oude Speelkamer (The Old Playroom), an amazing online shop in the Netherlands specialising in vintage and retro style kids’ toys, decor and even a retro style cotbed designed by Ester herself. Keeping childhood memories alive, the shop celebrates all things fun and nostalgic.


I asked Ester to share some childhood memories:

♥ Can you tell us something about these photos? This is my old baby room, the pictures were taken just after I was born. The man in the first photo is my father.

What did you like most about your room when you were a child? The best thing about my room was that it was my own little world where I could let my imagination run free.

♥ What kind of things did you do in your room? I loved playing in my room by myself. I used to pretend that I was on safari in the jungle, with my cuddlies playing the part of wild animals. The challenge was to get through the jungle as quietly as possible, to avoid being eaten and to make it out alive. I think maybe we’d just finished reading The Jungle Book at that time :-)

♥ Were you into books, dolls, building, playing outside… or something else? A bit of everything really. I loved playing with Lego, but also with my Barbies and My Little Pony - they used to get ambushed by my Transformers. Reading was (and still is) one of my favourite pastimes. I loved Suske en Wiske (Spike and Suzy) and later books by Jan Terlouw and Thea Beckman.

♥ Who was your favourite cuddly? The orange rabbit that’s next to me in the cot was my favourite soft toy. He’s still perched on a shelf above my bed today.

♥ What did you want to be when you grew up? A vet.

♥ What was your favourite food? Pancakes.

♥ What was your favourite animal? A horse.

♥ What is the best part of running your store? The best part is coming across things that I used to have in my own room when I was little. I tend to keep these for myself and use them to decorate my children’s rooms. It’s a great way to pass on a bit of nostalgia and childhood memories!

Thank you Ester!


Do you have photos and want to share memories of your old bedroom? I’d love to hear from you so get in touch!

(images: from esther verheijden at de oude speelkamer with a bit from room to bloom)

my childhood bedroom: jennifer

21 June, 2012 in my childhood bedroom

retro seventies childrens room

These are childhood photos of Jennifer Robertson in her bedroom. She is a co-founder, designer and maker of the products on Scamp Baby Gifts. Jennifer runs the shop together with her sister Stacey, whilst trying to manage 5 children between them.

I asked Jennifer to share some memories of her childhood bedroom…

Can you tell us something about these photos? The picture of the baby on the change mat is me in my very first bedroom in Vancouver (where I was born). My mum loved the change mat pattern and the fact that it was terry towelling – she’s a big fan of that fabric. The picture of the two girls in the cot is me (in the black & white dress) age about 3, and my sister Stacey who was probably around 18 months. It was taken in Dumfries, Scotland. The picture in the background is a Mabel Lucie Attwell one – my  mum was a big fan and I remember a few of them around the house.

♥ What  did you love most about your bedroom? I loved it being my own space – with two younger sisters it was nice to have somewhere to retreat to.

♥ What do you remember most vividly about the décor? We moved about quite a lot when I was younger, so I don’t really have huge memories until I was maybe 7 or 8. I remember a very orange bedroom made up of hand me down fitted furniture (quite unusual in the 70s) that came from family in Germany and had lots of pull-out drawers and a fold-out desk. The bed also had a drawer underneath for the duvet, making it like a sofa bed in the daytime, with lots of orange cushions!

♥ What were you into? I absolutely loved reading and spent a lot of time doing that or playing with my two sisters. I remember putting on performances with them involving elaborate fancy dress, dancing and singing for an audience of normally about 4 people.

♥ What did you want to be when you grew up? This is awful but I can’t remember! I don’t think I had a strong urge to be one specific thing when I was younger.

Thank you Jennifer!

room to bloom rabbit with tulip

I’m looking for more childhood bedrooms! If you have photos of your old room and would like to share your memories here, please get in touch!

x Ursula 

(images: jennifer robertson)

childhood photos

15 March, 2012 in my childhood bedroom

Earlier this week I mentioned I have a bit of a soft spot for floral wallpaper - putting it down to family trips to France when I was little. Well, I just came across a treasured photograph of me as a baby in my room. Looks like my mum liked flowers too! So maybe my love affair with flowers started a lot earlier than I in my baby roomAs I’m hopelessly nostalgic about my childhood, I love looking back through old family albums. I was reminded of the emotional connection to family photos, and the memories that they represent, when I went to have a look at my friend Anna Nowinska-Boardman’s new website recently.

Anna is a bumps & babies photographer and she’s pioneering birth reportage photography in the UK. One of her first blog posts was about her favourite childhood photograph. Take a minute to visit Anna’s blog to read her story, and tell me if that doesn’t bring tears to your eyes.

On a completely different note, tell me also if you’ve spotted and recognised the crazy cute fox Anna is holding in her favourite childhood photo – did anyone else have this fox when they were little? Do you think it was Anna’s or a photographer’s prop?

So I’ve been wondering – do you have any photographs of your old room as a child? I’d really love to see them and hear the stories that are connected to them, and perhaps share some here on the blog. Wouldn’t it be great to reminisce together? Drop me a line if you would like to share yours here and I’ll get right on it.

(image: room to bloom)

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