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dream nursery: lynn

13 June, 2013 in nursery tour, room inspiration

romantic baby girl's nursery

This sweet baby girl’s nursery belongs to Lynn, she’s just over two months old. Lynn’s room first caught my eye because it feels so calm, pretty and together. When I found out it was decorated by her grandmother Karin, I decided to find out a bit more.

How did this nursery come about? When Lynn was born, I wanted to give her a room of her own in our house, rather than a cot in a spare room for when she’s visiting.

What was your goal for the room’s decor? I wanted to create a sweet and cosy nursery that was a little bit different.

What is your favourite part of the room? I love the tree and how everything goes together. From the sheets to the accessories, I’ve put everything together to try and create a a room that feels ‘whole’.

Anything you would do differently next time? No, I don’t think so… I am really happy how it has all turned out.

Your best tips for decorating a nursery? Follow your own taste. If you’re not sure what your taste is, try and find inspiration by looking around for styles and colour combinations that you feel attracted to.


If you like Karin’s style, take a tour of Karin’s home here for vintage French country style inspiration (called “brocante” in the Netherlands, after the French flea markets). In her online shop Brocaatje, you’ll find brocante style home decor, as well as accessories made by Karin herself. Since the arrival of her first granddaughter Lynn, she’s added two nursery collections which she blogs about here. (If you don’t speak Dutch, try the ‘translate’ button in your browser ; )

(images: brocaatje)

day nursery design: de teddyzolder

17 October, 2012 in nursery tour, room inspiration

Cildren's day care centre De Teddyzolder, Haarlem

Earlier this year I visited the children’s day care centre that my sister runs in Haarlem, The Netherlands. The Teddyzolder (teddy attic) is a nursery and after school club inspired by the principles of Reggio Emilia. This approach puts the natural development of children at the centre of its philosophy, as well as the close relationships that they share with their environment.

The nursery aims to provide a homely environment, as it believes that when staff and parents feel at home, children will feel at home quicker too and thrive. It’s a comfortable and inviting space, thoughtfully designed to stimulate interaction and communication, whilst also offering children the opportunity to find a quiet nook and spend some time by themselves.

The spaces are organised in open areas for energetic play and lots of movement, and smaller zones or ‘corners’ where children can retreat and experience different atmospheres. There are corners for quiet reading, crafting, building, playing ‘house’, a dolls corner, dressing up room and a mini theatre with a stage, to name a few.

Through the use of materials and colours, the centre has created a warm and welcoming atmosphere that is a long way away from the “institutional” design, or lack of interior design, that I’ve seen at many day nurseries. I love the bright, cheerful colours, bunches of artificial flowers everywhere, large colourful lamp shades, bold wallpaper, and layers of differently patterned curtains. I would love to design a day nursery – so if you’re hiring…  drop me a line! ; )

(images: room to bloom)

nursery tour: theo

pepe crib in theo's nursery 1

pepe crib in theo's nursery 2

pepe crib in theo's nursery 3

pepe crib in theo's nursery 4

This gorgeous nursery is Theo’s room, he’s one year old. I asked his mama Carina of xo-in my room a few questions about the room.

  • What was the inspiration or starting point for Theo’s nursery? I have loads of visual inputs in a day and can’t remember wich was the first sparkle. I love to dress up kids and have fun, so maybe the animal masks.
  • What is your favourite part of the room? The animal carnival masks overlooking the crib - a  fun take on safari trophees!
  • What is your best nursery design tip? Mix and don’t try to match. Don’t be afraid of contrasts, they make your nursery personal!

Thank you Carina!

You can see Carina’s daughter Irene’s room over here.

NEWS FLASH! XO-in my room has now opened their online shop where you can buy Theo’s gorgeous crib and other cribs and accesories for your baby’s room.

(images: xo in my room)

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