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kid’s room organisation: out with the old

kids room storageJanuary is drawing to a close… How many of you made it your new year’s resolution to get your child’s bedroom or playroom sorted out this year?

One new client I visited earlier this month dedicated January to clearing out clutter and getting organised before calling me in for advice. This lady is getting it right! If post-Christmas, your child’s bedroom or playroom has started to look like an exploded toy shop rather than a space to dream and play, it’s time to get organised before buying yet more bits of mismatched storage furniture to hide it all.

To stay on top of clutter in kids’ rooms I have one golden rule: for every new item that comes in, an older, no longer used item goes out. In my experience, this might inspire you to clear out a cubby or drawer as well whilst you’re at it – and if not, then at least you are staying on top of it.

Depending on your children’s age and how used they are to regular room purges, you can involve them fully or perhaps squirrel some broken and unloved stuff away. Keep it out of sight for a while and if no-one has noticed after a month or two, it’s time to let it go through the back door. Do you think that’s an awful thing to do? Or is it OK?

If you have any tips about organising your child’s bedroom or playroom, share them with us here! 

(images clockwise: 101 woonideeën, vt wonen, rachel whiting, vt wonen)

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  1. Lovely pictures as always and useful tips. Thanks Ursula !
    We moved to a smaller flat in Paris so we got rid of lots of toys and the kids have not really noticed. We put all their toys at their level so they can play with them and they can tidy them up by themselves. And it works ! Well, most of the time…

  2. Great post Ursula! These images are really wonderful. I love organizing rooms, specially kids room. I like these white kids bed.

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