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my room: jip

boys bedroom jip

This amazing boys bedroom belongs to Jip who is two and a half years old. He is Merel’s little brother, whose room was featured in My Room a while ago. They live with their family in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Jip’s room was decorated by his mum Iris, who is an interior stylist and blogger over at Visje bij de thee

Let’s find out a bit more about Jip … 

♥ What is your favourite food? Spaghetti with red sauce.

♥ What do you love doing? Playing with my cars and duplo blocks.

♥ What is your favourite colour? Red.

♥ What is your favourite animal? Dog.

♥ Your favourite book? My Zoo book.

♥ What is your favourite thing in your room? My bed. 

♥ What is your favourite duvet cover? The light blue one with planes.

♥ What are your favourite pyjamas? The ones with the policemen and firemen (Richard Scarry print).

Thank you Jip, it was really nice to meet you!


(images: jeltje janmaat for vt wonen, styling by iris rietbergen)

child’s own softies

childs's own studio softies my dog nina

I seem to have soft toys on the brain at the moment… This curious creature is the creation of Wendy Tsao of Child’s Own Studio in Vancouver. Wendy niftily converts children’s drawings into softies. She’s had a wave of publicity recently, so there might be a waiting list!

(image: child’s own studio)

bunny lamp giveaway

Room to Bloom has teamed up with Petit Home to give away this iconic bunny lamp! This is one of my favourite lamps for a nursery or kids room. Good luck for the prize draw!


What do you need to do to enter the bunny lamp giveaway?

Count the bunnies in the picture above and put the number in the comments section below by clicking on ‘Leave a comment‘ at the bottom of this post.

For an extra chance to win, hop on over to our facebook page to “Like'” Room to Bloom (click here).

The competition is open to UK residents only and closes on Wednesday 6th June at 12pm. The winner will be randomly chosen and notified by email.

rabbit with tulip

Do you know Petit Home? If not, do go and have a look. This sweet online shop specialises in decorative items for children’s spaces with a beautiful poetic touch. I particularly like the lighting section with of course my favourite bunny lamps, but also have a look at the prints from Famille Summerbelle, quilts from Petit Pan and these sweet Mimi’Lou wall stickers. You can browse by nursery, girl’s room or boy’s room. Enjoy!

(image: room to bloom)

my room: irene

25 May, 2012 in my room

shared girls bedroom: irene

This whimsical girls bedroom belongs to Irene who is 12 years old. She shares the room with her sister Olivia (16). Irene lives with her big family in a modernist flat in the centre of Barcelona, Spain. The girls’ bedroom was decorated by their mum Carina, a stylist and graphic designer who has recently co-founded xo-in my room, a blog and webshop focused on kids furniture (see previous post).

Carina’s best advice for decorating children’s rooms: “Let your children participate. Ask them what they like, as their tastes show their personality.”

Let’s find out more about Irene now…

♥ What is your favourite food? Pasta with tuna fish.

♥ What do you like doing? Drawing and reading.

♥ Your favourite book? Matilda by Roald Dahl.

♥ Dresses & skirts or trousers? Dresses & skirts.

♥ Where would you like to go one day? To a white beach in the Caribbean.

♥ What would you take to a desert island? My pillow! 

♥ What do you want to be when you grow up? A journalist. 

♥ What is your favourite thing in your room? The little lights at my bed head.

♥ What do you love doing in your room? Reading in bed before going to sleep.

♥ Anything else you’d like to share about your room? On the top of my wardrobe I have a metal box that comes from a real circus!

Thank you Irene, it was really nice to meet you!


(images: xo-in my room)

xo-in my room

cirkus baby bed xo-in my room

I recently found out about xo-in my room, a new webshop and blog focused on kids furniture based in Spain. The company was set-up by Carina and her husband and is a real family venture. The webshop is due to open soon, but in the mean time I simply had to share this cirkus cot with you, which I absolutely adore.

(image: xo-in my room)

chick-a-dee smoke detector


Designed by Dutch artist Louise van der Veld, the Chic-a-Dee smoke detector has finally arrived in the UK. I’ve long wondered why there are so few interesting and good looking smoke detectors on the market, but with this quicky bird shaped smoke alarm things are starting to change. It was originally intended for children’s spaces, but its playful design would look great in any room.

The Chic-a-Dee smoke alarm takes its name and appearance from the American Black-Capped Chickadee, a bird famed for its noisy warning call. Apart from the white bird on a white branch shown here, it’s also available in pink, blue, and white on a black branch. I prefer the all white version as the pink and blue are a bit too traditional for my taste, and I don’t really see the need to make it stand out against what is usually a white ceiling. It complies with all required safety standards and is available here.

(images: chic-a-dee)

decor idea: cotton ball string lights


I was sourcing some cotton ball string lights for one of my mini-clients recently and came accross  this gorgeous image that I wanted share with you. Isn’t this the cutest elephant soft toy you have ever seen? As soon as I find out where to get hold of it, I’ll let you know.

But back to cotton ball string lights. You’re probably familiar with them, but if you haven’t been able to find a mix of colours that suits your little one’s room decor, you can pick and mix your own over at Cable and Cotton. To design your own string light, you can choose from 3 different lengths and 43 colours (I’ve counted them). Perfect to bring some sunshine indoors and they make a sweet accent to any kids room.

Have fun! x

(image: cotton and ball)

my room: olivia


This stunning kids room belongs to Olivia who is eleven years old. She lives with her mum, dad and older sister in Amsterdam in The Netherlands. Olivia’s room was decorated by her mama Jessica, who is an interior designer & stylist, cuff link designer, AND a purser

Jessica’s top design tip for decorating children’s rooms is to use humor and provide lots of storage, preferably concealed. Hidden storage is great for parents (who don’t have to look at the mess) and kids (who don’t have to tidy up all the time). 

Let’s find out a bit more about Olivia now…   

♥ What is your favourite food? Mama’s noodles.

♥ What do you like doing? I love drawing and I’m really into my kendama.

♥ What is your favourite colour? Bright yellow.

♥ What is your favourite animal? Hippopotamus.

♥ Your favourite book? The Twits by Roald Dahl.

♥ Dresses & skirts or trousers? Trousers!

♥ Where would you like to go one day?  I’d love to go and see the gorillas in Africa, but I’ll have to be a bit older.

♥ What would you take to a desert island? My rabbit Henkelien. 

♥ What do you want to be when you grow up? I’d like to do something with animals, maybe a ranger in an African nature reserve. 

♥ What is your favourite thing in your room? The colour of my cabin bed and the secret cupboards.

♥ What is your favourite duvet cover? The one with the sleeping dog (it’s just like there’s a real dog sleeping on your bed, from Snurk).

Thank you Olivia, it was really nice to meet you!

(photography by dana van leeuwen, design & styling by jessica bouvy)

top ten play tents & teepees

 wigwam-play-tent-teepee-round-upIt looks like we’re going to have to play inside for a little while longer, so here are some of my favourite play tents… Which one is yours?

1. moozlehome grey printed teepee  2. tardis play tent  3. casa cabana play house  4. hippie tipi play tent  5. paperpod rocket  6. firekit table lamp 7. cardboard circus wagon  8. ethnic teepee  9.  navy multistripe wigwam  10. nathalie lete teepee

my room: ivy

1 May, 2012 in my room


This gorgeous bedroom belongs to Ivy who is 3 years old. Ivy lives with her mum, dad and two older brothers in North London in the UK. Her room was decorated by her mum, Courtney, who is one of the founders of Babyccino Kids, a well-known online shopping portal of children’s boutiques and lifestyle blog for parents (one of my favourite websites for all things stylish and kids in fact!).

Let’s find out a bit more about Ivy…  

♥ What is your favourite food? I love eating snacks all day, but my favorite food is pancakes.

♥ What do you love doing? Playing dress up and playing mama to my babies.

♥ What is your favourite colour? Pink

♥ What is your favourite animal? Bunny rabbits

♥ Your favourite book? I love my Olivia books!

♥ What is your favourite thing in your room? My tutu dress for playing ballerina, the red wooden buggy for my babies, my dress-up clothes in the suitcase at the end of my bed.  

♥ What is your favourite duvet cover? I have a really nice old quilt that mama bought for me when I was a baby.

♥ What are your favourite pyjamas? Any of my pink ones!

Thank you Ivy, it was really nice to meet you!

(images: courtney adamo)

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