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eloise hall nursery art

19 December, 2011 in children's design & decor

Eloise Hall is a paper artist based in London who creates beautiful collages of butterflies, dragonflies, birds and fish. She contacted me a while ago to introduce her work. Now that I have started my blog I can finally share a bit more of it with you. Eloise combines hand cut shapes from origami paper and ink drawing. She cleverly brings together colour, pattern and movement to create calm feeling tableaux. They would look stunning in a simple, light nursery.

A piece of art that you really love can be a great starting point for the design of your baby’s room. Pick out one or two colours from the piece and use them elsewhere in the room to pull the room together.

eloise hall artwork for the nursery

A Christmas gift idea for a mum-to-be?

(images: eloise hall)

little angel stool

12 December, 2011 in children's design & decor

I came across this beautiful Little Angel Stool from Brazilian designers Furf Design Studio the other day. This would have been without doubt my favourite chair when I was a little girl. I can just imagine myself drawing and colouring  at our coffee table with my best friend, or watching some tele with my sisters – three angels in a row (haha!).

this little stool would look great in a kids room or playroom

I’d love these chairs to be available here in the UK –  perhaps in a range of soft chalky colours or natural wood. What do you think?

(image: furf design studio)

new baby!

2 December, 2011 in news

room to bloom new website

I am so excited that Room to Bloom now has its own website and that it’s finally up and running! It’s been a long time in the making and I’ve driven everyone around me quite crazy. Thank you Alastair, my love, for sticking with me, thank you Loes for your gorgeous design, thank you Mickey for making it all work perfectly… We can all exhale now.

To accompany the new website I have also started this blog. Here is where I hope to be sharing some of inspiration behind my work, and the wonderful things I come across whilst sourcing for kid’s rooms. If you have some time once in a while, do pop back to see what’s new. It would be lovely to see you again!

Ursula x

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