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pattern for kids’ rooms

11 December, 2012 in children's design & decor

pattern kids rooms

fig. 1 JAPANESE NAVY SPOT DUVET SET (caramel baby & child), fig. 2 CARAMEL FLORAL DUVET SET (caramel baby & child), fig. 3 GRAN WALLPAPER (fine little day), fig. 4 KISS KISS WALLPAPER (marimekko), fig. 5 DOTTY WALLPAPER (ferm living),  fig. 6 ROSE SUITCASE PEIXE ORANGE (lalé), fig. 7 VINTAGE BROWN FLORAL WALLPAPER pomme de jour), fig. 8 PAISLEY CRESCENT(mini moderns), fig. 9 VINTAGE WALLPAPER NO. 897 (, fig. 10 RED CHECK WALLPAPER (room seven), fig. 11 WOODSTOCK WALLPAPER (rachel powell), fig. 12 DOTS FITTED SHEET (pip studio)

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  1. I just LOVE how you put this together Ursula!

    Xx. Holly.

  2. These leaves are just beautiful and would work really well as wall stickers too!

  3. So uniqely put together Ursula. I am liking figure 1 and 4. Also I agree with Toni – would look great as wall stickers. x

  4. Brilliant Ursula-you clever sausage you. LOVE this! My favourite is the Mini Moderns! xx

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