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photowall mural competition – worth up to £500!

21 December, 2012 in children's design & decor

Today I have an amazing competition to share with you… Photowall have teamed up with Room to Bloom to give away a made to measure wall mural worth up to £500 in a design of your choice! You can choose from one of their amazing mural and wallpaper designs or you can upload your own design. It’s a great way to create a feature wall in a nursery, kid’s room or playroom.

fine little day spruce wallpaper

Wall murals are made to fit the exact dimensions of your wall. The design of your choice is made up of 45 cm wide numbered panels which are hung edge to edge to make up the complete image. Photowall offer two types of wall murals: the standard range, which is applied with paste onto the wall, and the self-adhesive range.

owl wallpaper by mini empire via photowall

What you can win

The prize you can win today is for a design up to 4 metres long in the standard range for domestic use. You could choose a wall filling image that you love or choose a design that covers just part of the wall. I’ve selected some images with designs that I think work great in kids’ rooms, but you could choose anything from Photowall’s extensive library or design your own!

nature wallpaper mural kids room

To enter the competition, here’s what to do:

1. Leave a comment below to tell me what type of mural you would go for to decorate your child’s space – I want to hear your ideas. There’s no “right” answer, the winner will be picked at random from all the entries. For inspiration visit Photowall’s website or have a look at the kids’ rooms I’ve selected which all feature photo wallpaper.

2. Go to Room to Bloom’s Facebook page and share the competition on your own Facebook page.

3. There is no number 3, leave a comment, share on Facebook, that’s it.

This Photowall competition is open to UK residents only. It closes 6 January 2013 at midnight. I will contact the winner by email and you have until the end of January to claim your prize. Best of luck everybody!

snail trail wallpaper team hawaii

Design your own photo wallpaper

To get your creative juices flowing, here are a couple of ideas for design-your-own photo wallpaper that I spotted in Dutch magazines Ariadne at Home Kinderen and VT Wonen a while ago. Scale up a high-res image (scan or photograph) of a favourite piece of fabric and have this printed on wallpaper to create a feature wall. A vintage embroidery sampler was the source of the first image and you can see the fabric used for the wall in the second image on the chair in the foreground.

embroidery sampler wallpaper

photo wallpaper with scaled up fabric design

I hope you feel inspired to come up with a unique design of your own. There will only be one winner, but if you enter promotional code ‘roomroom0022‘ at the Photowall checkout before 13 January, you’ll receive a 10% discount.

(images: 1. spruce wallpaper by fine little day via my second hand life (available from photowall),  2. owl wallpaper by mini empire (available from photowall),  3. nature murals: natalie krag,  kiet’s room via esther veereschild – find similar at photowall,  4. snail trail by team hawaii at photowall,  5. ariadne at home kinderen,  6. vt wonen)

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  1. Wow what an amazing range of wall paper! My favorite has got to be the cross stick but love them all!
    Have a great Christmas. Toni x

  2. I like the coral scene for the kids room however eyeing up the woodland sunbeam for my living room which we are decorating in January!

    Merry Christmas 🙂

  3. I would like a mural of Australian baby animals. g’day!

  4. I think I’d go for a nice Ansel Adams print.

  5. Hi there!
    What a great competition! I would love to win one of their black and white wallpapers, to team with all the bright-coloured bits our 5 months old baby, Santino has in his bedroom. Good luck to everyone!

  6. Ursula, what a fab giveway and thank you for you sharing these gorgeous designs. They’re gorgeous and it’s so hard to choose. My 3.5 year old’s room is still decorated as a nursery and we’ve promised to make it into a ‘big boy’s room’ this year so these are perfect. I’d let him choose his favourite, which is bound to be either something to do with Space or underwater 🙂 I also think I ‘need’ a design for myself so am going to spend the next hour browsing! Liked and shared on FB. Fingers crossed x

  7. I really like the simple, repeating prints, like the fine little day’s spruce. My other favourite is Ferm Living’s animal farm. I feel like these have more longevity as your child grows up and look chic against eclectic furniture and decorative items.

  8. I would love the large pink poppy on my daughter’s wall. Beautiful!

  9. The lazy lion is awesome. I would love a giant picture of it on my wall!
    Jonty (age 8)

  10. I would go for one of the Disney Cars murals

  11. Great idea! I would have to have a big mural for my football mad son of his favourite player…Lionel Messi.

  12. love the happy jungle animals to brighten my son’s room & he loves making animal noises

  13. Love the Happy Jungle Animals

  14. I would choose an owl design for my nine month old’s nursery because owl’s are kind of her thing. She has an owl stuffed toy, wears lots of owl clothes and has been given owl ornaments by family. It’s so cute!!!

  15. I love the woodland one, my children’s imagination would run wild with this in their room

  16. kirsty meredith pt vip

    My daughter had her photo exhibited at ZSL London Zoo a few months ago I would love this to be put onto a mural! Lasting memories to treasure forever.

  17. My daughter would love one with rainbows and butterflys ….. i think something like a meadow view with a big rainbow and butterflies flying round.

  18. Wow, what amazing ideas, would love something very girly to treat my daughters, aged 6& 10 as they have until recently shared a bedroom with their 18 year old sister which has been rather difficult to decorate to suit them all. Fingers crossed xx

  19. I would love the purple deer for my daughter’s bedroom.

  20. My 4 year old would love Fairies – It’s a Fairies World

  21. Svetlana Lemantovic

    amazing range, love owl design

  22. hard to choose, may be would go for the under the sea one

  23. What a fab competition, my son and I have spent ages browsing and he informs me that if he wins we’d love the “Colourful Graffiti.

    Thanks for the chance to win x

  24. i like nice bright flowers

    liked and shared on FB too x

  25. I’d go for the ABC one because my daughter is fascinated with letters and numbers.

  26. I love the superhero one!

  27. I love the Moomins range

  28. They all look so fabulous I adore the owl print though

  29. I have chosen a woodland theme for our nursery so any of the designs with trees or woodland creatures.

  30. I love this one – so pretty & can suit young to older girls.

  31. Seeing as my daughter is 9 going on 15, then I think a rock gig with band on stage, audience heads, as though you are a few rows back…or in the mosh pit looking up

  32. My boys would love the Cars Cars Cars one, or any of the Cars series in fact. If not, a Thomas the Tank Engine one would go down well. You have some lovely designs, i too might have been browsing for our own bedroom at the same time!

  33. I would have a pink girls mural with photos of my little family in black and white embossed on it for my little girls rooom

  34. I have a newborn boy and to decorate his room I would select a wall mural of zoo animals in colours that contrast but nothing too busy. Great competition :o)

  35. So many fantastic ones to choose from. I would go for “BEAUTIFUL SUNSET OVER A RURAL MEADOW” as I think it would look fab in my son’s room and we could imagine we lived in such a beautiful place.

  36. The murals are fabulous; there’s so many I could choose for my granddaughter, she is just 4 and would love the Happy Jungle Animals but I would want to get something for her that would last many years and at 10 or 11, she might not want the jungle animals.

    I was thinking of along the lines of brightly coloured stars, not as in the universe, but pinks, purples, yellow stars, all of differing sizes would be fabulous for her.

  37. Love the fine little day pine. My daughter’s room has wallpaper already but considering a change, alternatively, would love it for my study. I think that wallpaper is more unisex so the room can be multifunctional.

  38. Im In love with
    for the playroom

  39. I would choose a picture of a Somerset landscape with a rainbow running through it that I took a few years ago. Desperately trying to install some country feeling in my 1 year old daughter’s life here in London.

  40. An underwater scene through a submarine window. So, brass frame with rivets all around the wall edges then image as if viewing through glass into the ocean beyond. All the sea creatures looking in at the nursery room as if they’re visiting a human zoo. And an exhibit label somewhere that is back to front (i.e. the sea creatures can read it, but we see it from behind) – says something like…

    “Human (homo sapiens). Young specimen, , born . Friendly, but may have a tantrum if toys are removed”

    Could have a background image and then additional stickers for more and more creatures and details. Endless fun and possibilities. Could have similar jungle or space scenes.

  41. love this design so would chose this one or create one similar
    Good luck everyone

  42. Gosh, it’s so difficult to decide. We’re moving house shortly and I’ve been thinking about doing a kind of magical forest theme – obviously there are quite a few choices on their website that would be suitable, but I think the pink birdforest one is my favourite –

  43. A beautiful fairy scene, with trees, a pond, toadstools and little fairies everywhere!!

  44. Think I’d go for an outside landscape, like the forest, mountains, sky scenes, they remind me of the Maurice Sendak book, “Where the wild things are” “….that night a forest grew, and grew, until his ceiling hung with vines and the walls became the world all around”…Yes. My youngest, Olive loves that bit.

  45. I would choose from these for my son:
    Mickey & Friends – Beach
    Winnie the Pooh – Summer Day
    Toy Story – Space

  46. inke wallpaper dinosaurs

  47. I would go for something with trees. My little one is spellbound by trees, and being able to create an indoor forest would be awesome! I love the rural forest design in particular.


    I like something educational but fun at the same time which is why I do like ABC wall paper. Would be fun for children to come up with different things for the letters. Or for sheer cuteness teddies! Would like one for me though! xoxo


    Have shared on fb too xoxo

  50. Stephanie Whitehouse

    I’d pick a river scene, showing the view above and below the water, with boats, meadows and fishes

  51. I would like loads of photos of family and friends.

  52. Have shared on Facebook 🙂

    I’d be super creative I think, make a collage of all my girls’ favourite things. Lots of pink 🙂

  53. The examples in the photos and other comments sound really lovely and inspired…thinking of what my son would like, I get no further than a Skylander or Minecraft theme! Or perhaps Fifa 2013… He’d be absolutely chuffed to bits with either one of those on his wall!

  54. I love the Sea and Beautiful Sky Wall Mural, I like the idea of bringing the outside in and I think this is a lovely calming image to have in a wee one’s room 🙂

  55. Caroline @trend-daily

    Brilliant competition Ursula! Will share on my Facebook page(when I can get the share button to work!) and on the google+ love interiors group too! I think it would be fab to get a drawing fro the kids in repeat-one from Gabriel and one from Evie- could be an interesting mix on one wall!!! Xxx

  56. Over the next few weeks we’re moving my middle and youngest sons into our spare room so I’ve been looking for something that would suit them both. My 5 year old is dinosaur obsessed so I think some sort of vegetation mural would be good for him, but my 2 year old loves trains so maybe we could have Thomas the Tank Engine in there somewhere too?! The only requests we’ve had so far is for green and blue.

  57. I think i would go for an underwater print or maybe space!

  58. Amanda Hutchings

    What a fantastic blog, i have bookmarked this so I can have a good browse through when the little one goes to bed. I think my favourite for my little girl would have to be Birdforest – Pink. Such lovely designs it’s just so hard to choose!

  59. I would love for my kids to have one of the nature murals, I think they look awesome!

  60. Christine Mutter

    I would go for the under water theme, we have just started up a tropical fish tank and my daughtrer can’t stop looking at it, she would love this in her room

  61. Belinda Matthews

    I have just put murals in both my sons bedrooms my eldest has dinosaurs and my youngest has a jungle scene, I would love to put Brokiga in my sons playroom as they both love there alphabet

  62. rachael jones mann

    possibly something fantasy , i like mythological creatures and such like …… but im also quite into the new york style prints ! eeek ! as a hobby photographer thats a hard descion !

  63. I would love a seaside/surfer mural for my daughters room, it would be apt as we spend so much time at the beach x

  64. maddalena dalton

    I remember as a child having wall paper with clouds and blue would go for something like that.something relaxing.

  65. The Fantasy Forest would be amazing for my childrens playroom, i have tried to make it look like an outside space with a green carpet and blue/green walls but this would just make it so special !!

  66. I would choose a football theme

  67. There is some amazing wall mural’s on there! I could imagine it making some fantastic rooms come to life and give that wow factor! I have twin girls who share a bedroom, we have just bought a house that needs doing up and I am very excited to do their bedroom! Problem is they love different colours, so I would choose a design that has lots of different colours in to keep them both happy! The colourful Daisies is just one of the cool ones! Or I woud go for a black and white style one and bring in the colour elsewhere. Just so much choice!

  68. I would choose amazing space My daughter is faxcinated by planets and stars and I think this would look stunning.

  69. Great designs. I think my daughter would love an entire wall filled with One Direction!!!

  70. Michelle Bosomworth

    would love a mural with a giant football stadium on for my football mad son


    I would love to be able to decorate my daughters wall with the dolphin light mural. She loves dolphins and that mural is so relaxing and peaceful!

  72. a peaceful woodland scene, with lots of bluebells.

  73. what a wonderful idea !
    so many ideas to choose from but after a good nudge from son it would have to be something football inspired for my 4 football mad boys , thank you for a fantastic giveaway xx

  74. Ive took a photo of my son down the park on his bike in the woods and It would have to be that one

  75. Something with animals! Maybe the Bugs World. There are so many beautiful ones to choose from!

  76. My daughter would love colourful daisys in her room – it would look great 🙂

  77. I would love the solar system one for my son’s room – so would he!!

  78. Maria Jane Knight

    My little boys is Nemo crazy, he finds fish very calming and i would love his bedroom to be a calming little haven for him to drift off to sleep in at night and having fun playing in and creating adventures with his imagination during the day so iw ould choose the Coral Reef at Koh Cahg Island wall mural. Its is so beautiful.

  79. My youngest son would love to have a Union Flag scene in his room!!!

  80. I would have a motor vehicle theme

  81. If I could design a mural I think I would have something along the lines of three generations of hands, so Grandad, Daddy and son, then Grandma, Mummy and son then a family one so Mummy Daddy and son. I’d probably be tempted to add the dogs paw prints in there somewhere too.

  82. Alexandra McGahey

    I’ve been planning on decorating my daughter’s bedroom with a fairy princess kind of theme. Something very magical and fairytale like so that’s what I would love.


  1. photowall mural winner | Room to Bloom

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