baby room

kids room


If you’re expecting a baby, you’re probably already dreaming of a beautiful, cosy room to welcome your baby. If you need ideas to create your dream nursery, or feel overwhelmed by all the choices and decisions to make, I can help you create a calm, healthy and easy-to-use room that makes your heart sing every time.

If your child has outgrown their nursery, or needs to give up their room to a new sibling, a carefully planned room can help make the transition easier. I create room designs that are inspired by your child’s personality and fit in with your sense of style. The result is an imaginative kids room that is easy to adapt as your little one grows up.

Balancing the needs of your children with tasteful decoration can be a bit of a challenge. You don’t want to cramp their creativity – but a playroom doesn’t have to look like a messy playpen either! Let me help you turn your decorating dreams into reality with a fun, fresh and functional play space that doesn’t sacrifice your own sense of style.

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