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Number one on my clients’ wish list for kids’ bedrooms or playrooms is more space and less mess.  Sounds familiar? Then read on.

The question I’m often asked is how achieve this. The answer, almost always, lies in clutter control and storage. January may be nearly over, but it’s never too late for your new year’s resolution to get organised and turn your child’s room into something special this year.

kids room play room storage ideas blue room

Lighten the load

So first of all – really, really try to lighten the load a bit – declutter. A good clear-out enables you to see the potential of the room, but an even more compelling reason is that a huge amount of toys and stuff crowds in on your child’s mental space! It overstimulates, drains energy and stifles the imagination. If you’ve spent lots of money on your child’s possessions or don’t want to appear ungrateful for gifts, then at least rotate what’s out on display, so everything gets a chance to be played with.

For those of you who are storing lots of your own possessions in your child’s closets – try and rehome your stuff elsewhere. It’s important that your child’s space is just that – a place to call their own.

kids room play room storage ideas pink room

Open vs closed storage

When addressing storage in your child’s bedroom, start with the big picture. Think about a mix of open and closed storage, but keep a good proportion behind doors. Invest in built-in storage if appropriate to the room, or buy a large free standing piece that will house clothes and toys (I love up-cycling shallow vintage wardrobes for this purpose). If space allows, consider buying two identical or compatible pieces, one for toys, one for clothes.

If your child’s bedroom is on the small side, look out for dual purpose furniture – beds and seating with drawers, desks with heaps of integrated storage – you know the drill. It may not look as cool as your favourite designer furniture, but you will be thankful as possessions accumulate.

childrens room play room storage yellow room

Pack it up

Next, store loose small stuff in appropriately sized containers – trunks, boxes, suitcases, baskets, bags, jars. By “appropriate” I mean storing small bits in small boxes, not mixed in with larger items in huge trunks, which have to be turned upside down to get to things.

And now for the most important and easiest bit! To keep things looking calm, organised and lovely, try coordinating your containers a bit. Choose boxes in compatible styles, colours or materials, so you don’t create more chaos with a jumble of different sizes and colours stacked on top of each other (unless you know how to make that look chic). Don’t go for see-through boxes either, as this just looks messy (and ugly). Instead, label containers with text or images to tell them apart.

kids room play room storage ideas timber

Keep floors free

Finally, keeping the floor free will make the room look more spacious – well, we can try. Use wall hooks and bags to store loose toys and hang up clothes. A cool looking laundry bin and paper basket will also help to keep the decks clear – repurpose unusual things like metal buckets or trunks for example.

childrens bedroom play room storage ideas white room

Happy organising!

x Ursula

(images clockwise: green – 1. la maison d’anna G. 2. pure style home 3. kirsikkapuu 4. h&m 5. bungalow – blue – 1. stil 2. kast van een huis 3. cox and cox 4. maisons du monde – yellow – 1. bolig magasin 2. dezeen 3. dana van leeuwen 4. desire to inspire – pink – 1. the boo and the boy 2. lovely undergrad 3. berry red – timber – 1. red online 2. nonjetable 3. swoop bags 4. living etc – white – 1. weekday carnival 2. fancy house road 3. vitra)

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  1. What a lot of clever and cool storage solutions! The yellow playroom does it for me! How could you not be happy in a room like that? 🙂

  2. the keep the floor free will be difficult to achieve ! But I do love the impact of yellow in that room !

  3. Agree with toni@skandivis – that yellow is definitely a happy colour! I am facing storage dilemmas currently so on the look out for some good ideas like these. Love the wooden desks with the blackboard behind and shelves above. Off to de-clutter…again. Came across across your site some time ago and stop by now and then to be inspired! Saw this post via your FB page and will share.

  4. This is such a great post. My son is starting to amount an incredible amount of lego that needs to be stored away somehow. You’ve given me some room for thought here. Thanks Doris

  5. Hey Ursula,
    What is your best tip or storing legos?
    We have many, many boxes and theyy are now stored in a large box that needs to be tipped every time…
    Hence loosing pieces…

    Any ideas?

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