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out to play: paintings of children

Out to Play paintings of children by Anna

Last week I noticed a new follower on Twitter, Anna Roberts of Out To Play, whose Twitter bio simply states “I paint portraits in pastel and pencil”. I liked her Twitter icon, which suggested she paints children, so curious I clicked to find out more…

Oh my. Did I fall in love with what I saw! This portrait of Anna’s daughter Pearl was my absolute favourite. I love the colours, I love the space, I love the sentiment. The best news is: Anna takes on private commissions. Check out more of her work here.

Perhaps this is also a good moment to introduce you to a blog I love called I am a Child – it’s basically a huge catalogue of children in art. I don’t know why, but I have this thing with paintings of family life – previously I mentioned Swedish painter Carl Larsson, a favourite of mine. Do you have any favourite paintings?

(image: pearl and pram by out to play)

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  1. What an adorable portrait, it really captures that sweet innocence of childhood. Love the way she uses that pastel green palette against the deep brown. Stunning.

  2. I love the way she paints hair. So softly. Very talented indeed.

  3. So beautiful Ursula-what a brilliant discovery through Twitter!! Hope you had a great meet up today lovely. We were all paid up to go and see Evie’s friend in a play and totally forgot. Isn’t that awful!?! Big oops See you soon – it’s been far too long! xx

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